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Hydrangeas Are More Than Just Flowers 

While the many different colors of hydrangeas symbolize something different, even the different species of hydrangeas have a wide range of meaning. Some include heartfelt emotion, gratitude, and boastfulness. The meaning of the hydrangea flower can be traced back to many cultures and stories surrounding this gorgeous bloom. With a variety of meanings and emotional connection, hydrangea bouquets make a perfect gift to send to a loved one!

Hydrangeas Are Long Lasting 

Also known as a particularly sturdy flower, this bloom lets your recipient enjoy their lasting beauty for long after you have the hydrangea delivered. Hydrangea flowers also thrives in lots of sun, so be sure to plant or place it in an area with lots of sun and able to receive plenty of water. Something truly unique about hydrangea is not only do the blooms come in a plethora of different shapes but when planted, you can also make the flower change color (except for white hydrangea) based on acidity levels.  

Give Hydrangea Bouquets & Arrangements for Any Occasion 

Hydrangeas are commonly given on a 4th wedding anniversary, symbolizing appreciation and heartfelt emotion. Beyond anniversaries, a bouquet full of hydrangea blooms will bring smiles and delight your loved ones for every occasion. Gorgeous white hydrangeas the perfect gift to make it their happiest birthday yet, pink hydrangeas make for a sweet just because gift, and bold blue hydrangeas help send every message of love. FTD knows the radiance and charm of these beautiful blooms, and promise