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Red Flower FAQs

Why should I gift a red flower?

Red flowers are most commonly gifted as a symbol of love, warmth, and passion. You can send red flowers to someone who you admire deeply, or someone you feel passionate about.   However, ruby-hued floral arrangements can also be used to symbolize enthusiasm and affection to others you care for, not just significant others. Red bouquets are a classic way to communicate passion in a variety of contexts. You can even mix in some gorgeous hydrangea flowers to make your bouquet truly stand out!

What occasions should I gift red flowers?

Red flowers make a great gift for date nights, anniversaries, or a partner’s birthday. If you’re trying to communicate your undying love, consider a classic bouquet of roses. If you’re trying to communicate your love in a more subtle way that still is packed with meaning, consider a mixed bouquet with some carefully placed red flowers.   A big arrangement of crimson flowers is sure to make that special someone swoon, no matter the occasion! Any time someone you care for needs a burst of passion and confidence, red flowers can be the perfect option to show them the affection they need.

Who should I give red flowers to?

You can give red flowers to whomever you like, but they make the best gift for someone you’re passionate about. Whether they’re a longtime partner or spouse, or a crush you’re trying to impress, a bouquet of vibrant red flowers will surely make your special someone’s heart melt.   If you’re looking for a gift for someone you love, but not necessarily in a romantic way, you might consider vibrant yellow flowers, like a bouquet of classic sunflowers, to brighten their day without sending the wrong message.   Now that you’ve seen how diverse red flowers can be, send an arrangement with FTD to make someone’s day!