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One way to make a gift more personal for someone is to match the colors. Whether you’re choosing the color to fit the occasion, the person or the event they’re hosting, they will be delighted when the color is fit just for them. Colors help symbolize heartfelt meanings and messages to share genuine emotion. Our orange collection is perfect to celebrate your most special occasions with energy, excitement and joy. A fresh gift from FTD in a bright and vibrant shade shares your sentiments in the most stunning way.  

Orange Flower Meaning

As one of the sunnier shades, anything that comes in an orange shade is bursting and beautiful. These bright blooms in a bouquet help grab the attention of your loved ones. Orange symbolizes energy, and also is the color of warmth, enthusiasm, creativity and success. The meaning of this color combined with the lush beauty of flowers give off the most positive effect. A bursting orange flower can also be used to bring out the vibrancy of other colors! White truly pops when placed in an orange flower bouquet, while fuchsia hues bring out the warmth in the arrangement. There are endless color combinations for orange flowers featured in our bouquets.  

Flowers Come in many Orange Hues

Orange flowers come in varying hues, making it one of the most diverse and versatile shades. From soft peach tones to exciting coral shades to bright tangerines, our orange flower arrangements are nothing short of beautiful. Send a bouquet from FTD to help them blow out the candles on their special birthday. Need a congratulations gift? A radiant orange flower bouquet is a great way to share your happiness for every accomplishment, like a new house or a promotion!

Order Orange Flowers & Bouquets at FTD

With orange flower delivery, we make it easier than ever to surprise your recipients all year round. FTD takes great care in ensuring that your gifts will leave a smile on your loved one’s face. We offer same day orange flower delivery from a florist, so even the last-minute gifts are as gorgeous as ever. Our ordering is easy, fast and simple so you can send your orange flower bouquets with confidence! FTD partners with local florists so your flowers are designed by hand and delivered locally.