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Easter Tulips

Springtime is here, and that means tulips are in bloom. Shop FTD’s online collection to find beautiful Easter tulip arrangements that you can give to friends, loved ones, or even yourself!

Easter Tulips FAQ

What do different colored tulips signify?

Easter tulips come in many different colors, and each color is associated with a different meaning. Pink tulips signify happiness, yellow tulips signify hope and cheerful thoughts, purple tulips signify wealth and good fortune, and white tulips signify forgiveness. Send just the right message to friends and loved ones when you shop FTD's colorful collection of fresh Easter tulips.

Why are tulip flowers associated with Easter?

Easter occurs at the very beginning of spring - right around the time spring flowers start to bloom. As a result, spring flowers are a staple of the holiday and, while Easter has its religious roots, for many it also doubles as an occasion to celebrate the beginning of spring. The bright colors of spring are a hallmark of Easter - we dye Easter eggs and exchange colorful Easter baskets, and the brightly-colored happy Easter tulips fit right in with all of the festivities!

What other flowers go well in a bouquet with tulips?

When putting together an Easter tulip arrangement, there are a variety of other flowers that can complement the colorful beauty of tulips. Yellow flowers and calla lilies, for instance, look right at home in an Easter tulip bouquet.

If you want something other than tulip arrangements for Easter, our online collection boasts a number of other beautiful Easter flowers. We have stunning orchids, gorgeous religious flowers, Easter centerpieces, and much more!

Can my Easter tulips be delivered in a vase?

Yes! We can deliver vases of flowers of all varieties, including tulips. With FTD, you can rest assured knowing your vase of Easter tulips will be safely delivered to your front door in excellent condition. That means you don't need to buy a new vase or search your home for an old one - when you purchase one of our bouquets with a vase, your expertly arranged tulips will arrive ready to be displayed! Sit back, relax, and enjoy your fresh tulips and Easter festivities with complete peace of mind.